ISPR - International Society for Paranormal Research

International Society for Paranormal Research - ISPR

Prior to 1996, there were only a select few parapsychological organizations in existence around the world.   Almost all were 'under the radar' and not known to the general public.  

Larry Montz, a rebel parapsychologist who blazed his own trails, created his own organization with an evolving name as the years stretched into the decades that became recorded history.

With a focus on studies and applications of Psi abilities in the 'haunted' field and the desire to monetize his work in order to continue his educational exploration, Montz developed the first 100% professional parapsychological field team of investigators and created an international craze of paranormal groups and organized ghost hunting with the 1993 formation and 1994 implementation of GHOST EXPEDITIONS in the New Orleans tourism arena.   

By 1999 and a few years of concentrated media attention on Larry Montz, Parapsychologist, the ISPR, and GHOST EXPEDITIONS over 1,000 amateur paranormal organizations sprang to life and the number continues to grow today.

The ISPR Name Today

Today, the Internet is flooded with data pertaining to political organization using "ISPR".   Montz has since decided to forgo the use of his organization's name as a result, except in retrospect.