Since 1972, pioneering field parapsychologist Dr. Larry Montz has blazed his own trails in paranormal research and discoveries. In the 1990s, Montz forever changed the way people looked at ghosts by blending the general public in signature parapsychological investigation endeavors. Implementing first-of-its-kind paranormal businesses, Montz is credited with setting the now-standard models for

  • an international paranormal field
  • genre-specific tourism
  • and the original cinema vérité TV content deemed responsible by the California judicial system for the ensuing international paranormal-themed programming frenzy

Accolades, attacks and a degree honoris causa at the behest and pursuance of a high-ranking official of the Louisiana state government are just a few of the interesting aspects of a life most extraordinary.

Montz' high-profile clients span the globe:

  • Hollywood celebrities and producers
  • upscale tourism entities, New Orleans to England
  • law enforcement agencies, Deep South to Los Angeles

And for nearly five decades, Montz has worked with private clients on their life-disrupting concerns spanning a para-spectrum of matters… such as benign activities of earthbound entities to complaints of violent psychic attacks and, demonic threats and possession.

Today, the 1993 creator of world-acclaimed GHOST EXPEDITIONS, the 20th century award-winning ISPR INVESTIGATES doc series and the world’s first 24/7-monitored paranormal observatory, lab and haunted museum, is in the singularly unique position to do the parapsychological investigative groundwork for the SILVER ANNIVERSARY edition of GHOST EXPEDITIONS in the former mining camp of Chloride, Arizona (circa 1863) and, engage audiences with a new live presentation with publicist / partner, Daena Smoller, in LIVING GHOST STORIES...

Larry Montz was the most internationally televised parapsychologist for nearly 20 years


That  was the general sentiment shared with Larry Montz from the world's  media producers and executives for much of the 1990s.  

However, Montz'  main-stream media appearances during that decade (often with various  members of the ever-evolving ISPR investigative team) educated and  changed that mindset.  And when the media focused on his pioneering views and practices with respect to field parapsychology, Montz was also embraced by viewing audiences. 

Thus,  Montz created and implemented the working model that spawned the pop  culture phenomenon of paranormal field investigators / researchers that  exists around the world today, using the power of mainstream media like:


  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Internet
  • Promotions

and,  providing the general public with the first-of-its-kind opportunity to participate in an organized parapsychology field workshop, known  worldwide as GHOST EXPEDITIONS.

The paranormal landscape as portrayed by mainstream media throughout the mid and late 1990s provides a broad strokessnapshot of that pivotal time in paranormal history.

LARRY MONTZ in the Media

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